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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

We are new to the animal breeding business. It all started with a desire to raise animals ourselves and then an idea of making money by breeding and selling animals as well. It is definitely more of a hobby then a business. Which is good for our bunnies as we don't force breedings, the bunnies are raised as pets with toys and treats and a lot of hands on cuddling by us. 

Why the website for a hobby? I decided this is actually just a great way to get information out there, to show off our bunnies, and to let people know we might have a bunny available if they are interested outside of us going to small animal/chicken swaps. It also could be a place for people to share information they have or ask questions as well. 

Our rabbits are Flemish/New Zealand mixes and come in a variety of colors. They are raised colony style in a large enclosure outside with a large hutch attached. This allows them to be very social and have plenty of exercise. It also allows us to have a bench in their enclosure where we can sit and just spend time with them.  Our chickens free range around the enclosure (and sometimes come and do clean up in the enclosure for pest control). And the bunnies don't mind them on bit. 

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